Digital Bank Enablers: Shifting Gears on Innovation in 2022

What’s Inside?

As technology moves to modernise traditional banking services, a range of "digital bank enablers" including technology vendors, fintech firms, SIs and consultancies now find themselves with a seat at the table as banks look for new ways to innovate and compete against an increasingly experience-driven consumer mindset. This webinar will look to examine some of the challenges banks face when looking to roll out new tech, from how digital enablers can align with traditional business goals to how these collaborations will contribute to a new banking ecosystem. As our final webinar of the year, our panellists will also take this opportunity to examine emerging trends across digital transformation and what will be unmissable in 2022.

Andreas Wolf, Chief Commercial Officer at Raisin Bank

Anton Langbroek, General Manager DACH at Mambu

Eric Newcomer, CTO at WSO2

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